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Get ready to be the talk of the town on your special day! Our Yard Card Rental service will help you make a grand entrance and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Simply fill out our quick questionnaire to reserve a date and let us do the rest. We’ll work closely with you to craft a personalized message that reflects who you are, including your name, hobbies, and favorite colors. Take inspiration from our examples on the left side of the page to get your creativity flowing. Trust us, our yard greeting card will make your special day a blast and give you the star treatment you deserve. Don’t wait, book now and let’s get started on creating the ultimate yard sign for your special occasion!

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Rental Form

Examples & Tips


Some examples and tips to help guide you in answering some of our rental form questions.

Hobby Examples


Gymnastics, Football, Vollyball, Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleader, Track, Wrestling, etc.

Collectibles or Cherished Items:

Teddy Bears, Animals, Pigs, Horses, Butterflies, Apples, Pets, Cherished items, Vehicles, their pride and joy, etc.


Watch racing: Car or Horse Racing, Movies, Playing Cards, Roller Skating, Gambling, Gaming, Dancing, Truck Pulls, etc.

Colors and Styles

Favorite Colors:

Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, Yellow, etc.


Styles refer to the type of event such as birthday parties, retirement parties, baby showers, bridal showers, sporting events, sweet sixteen parties, etc. Note: you can view examples of these on our style pages (each page has an extensive list of styles with examples).




We try our best to incorporate all of your personalization suggestions when we design your custom sign. However, they are subject to availability.

Delivery Fees based on mileage:

Up to 20 miles is free delivery 

20-30 miles delivery fee of $10

30-40 miles delivery fee of $20

40 miles & over is $30

*then for every 5 miles after is another $10.



Rental Form

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