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Here at Yard Star we have a wide variety of yard card styles for school events. They are custom designed for school events ranging from homecoming, winter formal, sporting events, open house, band competition, prom, to PTO and back to school.

 School Events

Yard Card Rental Sign for School for Teachers Appreciation Day next to vintage cartoon image of a schoolYard Card Rental Sign for School for Teachers Appreciation Day next to vintage cartoon image of a school

Looking for a way to show your appreciation for the teachers in your community? Look no further than our teachers appreciation day yard card sign! This easy-to-use sign is perfect for getting the word out about this special day, and it’s sure to show your teachers just how much you appreciate them. Plus, it’s a great way to get the community involved in thanking the teachers for all they do!

Celebrate the big day with a Graduation Party Custom Yard Card Rental Sign from Yard Star! Our Yard Cards have professional designs that stand out, making them the perfect party accessory. We even deliver your yard card to you the evening before the event and pick it up when it’s ready. With our custom yard cards, show your graduate how proud you are of their accomplishment! So whether they’re graduating from elementary school, high school, college, or beyond, ensure they know you’ll always be cheering them on!

Yard Card with Heart and Words Marry Me and stars and a ring and champagne

Homecoming season is here! Show your school spirit with Yard Star Homecoming Yard Cards! Your front yard can sparkle and shine with our custom-made Homecoming Yard Cards. We’ll personalize your yard card with a name, hobbies, and interests. We will set up a festive display on your lawn the evening before the event, then pick it up when your celebration ends. With easy ordering, fast delivery, and a professional setup, you’ll show your school pride in style! Make your Homecoming celebration memorable with Yard Star Yard Cards for Homecoming!

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