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Our Holiday Themes

Here at Yard Star we have a wide variety of yard card styles for holiday parties. They are custom designed for holiday events ranging from Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Valentine’s Day, New Year, 4th of July, Christmas, to Easter and Thanksgiving.


Is your Mom the world’s greatest? Then, let her know with the ultimate surprise of a Mom’s Day Yard Card. Your Mom will love our customizable life-sized greeting card in her yard. Our rental yard cards are customizable with interests, colorful accents, a name, and Happy Mother’s Day! It will be delivered the night before Mother’s Day and picked up when you’re celebration is done! A great photo opportunity for a lasting memory. Our beautiful cards will tell her how much you care and leave a lasting impression she’ll always remember.

I heart u MOM Yard Greeting Card with colorful flowers and humming birds

Mother’s Day – Yard Card

Yard Card with Heart and Words Marry Me and stars and a ring and champagne

Veterans Day – Yard Card

Show your appreciation for our veterans with a special Veterans Day Yard Card! This customized card perfectly honors the brave servicemen and women who have fought for our country. Our yard card rental sign is available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find one that is just right for showing off your patriotism. We take care of everything – from delivery to set up to pick up. Let us know when and where you’d like it, and we will handle the rest. With an eye-catching design and quality materials, this yard card will ensure your gesture of respect stands out in your recipient’s yard or neighborhood. So honor our veterans this year with a Veterans Day Yard Card!

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