At Yard Star Sign Rentals we aim to provide our small community as well as our neighboring communities with a unique individualized experience. If we can put a smile on someone’s face on their special day then our goal will be met.

Brandon Gosnell


I was motivated to begin this journey because I’ve always from a young age, wanted to be an entrepreneur. Both of my parents own their own businesses. Watching them have financial freedom as well as personal time to spend with family and friends was always something I wished to attain myself. I was also able to see a side of business that gave me the insight to pursue my own. Providing a service that lifts all people up with joy by placing a creative and colorful sign in their yard to me, is like adding that “Cherry on Top” of their event or celebration.

I’m an only child, which allowed me the opportunity to be very independent. I decided to pursue my goal in high school by attending The Mercer County Career Center for entrepreneurial studies. This course provided me the knowledge of exactly how to create and operate my own business.

My work ethic speaks for itself as I have been disciplined since childhood by working on my families farm. I had my own sweet corn stand which helped me to develop not only marketing skills but also time and money management skills.

All of this sparked my creative intuition. The custom rental signs I will be creating are not only enormous and bold, but almost give a 3-D effect by me creating the positioning of each letter and customized lines which include the hobbies of each individual I work with. This is the key to my success moving forward. Anyone can send someone a card, but my rental signs are uniquely customized to each individual and strategically placed to make them feel like a superstar. This is what sets me apart from an ordinary greeting card.

I service Mercer, Crawford, and Lawrence counties.


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